Asiana to be put on time-out?


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I think they've got it backwards.

They should require them to have 5 flights day into SFO for 45 days, so that everyone gets a lot of practice managing the 'slam-dunk' downwind.

ICN is run that way. Very much like a US airport, they leave you hot and high a lot.


All the responsibility none of the authority
The reliable rumble of the spoilers is what wakes me up when I'm ridin' in with you freight dawgs. :)

Only when people can't plan descents or utilize tools given to us for smooth techniques. The jet is super easy to get down.


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@Boris Badenov sometimes we're just about 500 above you though on the ils. They make me dive down to get back on path landing south thanks to you guys.

I ain't got time for that!

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Sounds like you need to let your hair down, with a wild weekend of heroin, and blow. And by blow... I mean cocaine. Just to make myself clear for the peanut galley.
More like "we're going out for beer tonight, then I'm going to go to sleep, have my one day off, do my laundry and go straight to FTD on Sunday," but thanks.

(Dude, I haven't been home for more than 2 days straight in the last 2 months.)