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I just turned 25 and have about 20 hrs of college. I was at a local FBO were I fly at and noticed a brochure on the Army CWO program. I contacted a recruiter and just took the ASVAB and I have to take another test this Wed. at 0630. Anyway point is so far I am very interested and was wondering what percent of applicants are accepted and basic quality of life? Is there a real brotherhood among troops? Pay? And can I REALLY trust the recruiter?

CWO= Chief Warrant Officer program
I believe I am the resident expert on the Army Warrant Officer Program. I am a CW3 in the Army Guard, flying the C-12. Let me start by telling you what a Warrant Officer is: An officer appointed by warrant by the Secretary of the Army, Commissioned by the President of the United States upon promotion to CW2, based upon a sound level of technical and tactical competence. The warrant officer is the highly specialized expert and trainer who, by gaining progressive levels of expertise and leadership, operates, maintains, administers, and manages the Army's equipment, support activities, or technical systems for an entire career, check out the Warrant Officer site at

You seem to have the right motivations and are getting proper guidance by what I can tell. You can enlist under the Warrant Officer program, make sure this is what your contract says. It sounds like the recruiter is getting you to take the right test. You will need in addition to the ASVAB (you need a 110 on the General Tech portion), the flight aptitude test and you will need to take and qualify for a Class 1 Military flight physical to include a cycloplegic (sp) eye refraction exam. This all takes time, but it is worth finding out before you "go in". After it is all said and done and you qualify you still need to go to Army Basic Training then you will get to go to Warrant Officer School.

I am not sure of the stats on how many are accepted but I will tell you this, if you are qualified you should be selected, maybe not on your first attempt, but eventually. The selection process alone will test you to as whether or not you really want it.

Quality of life? You are joining the Army, and it is a highly deployed Army in these days. It is in these deployments where you will see that the brotherhood / comraderie does exist. You will make life long friends who you will come to depend on for your very life as they will depend on you.

Pay is important and you will find it fair.

You need to decide fairly quickly as your age leaves you little room to flounder. Ask the recruiter to find out the age at which you must be "seated" in flight training, I can't remember but I believe it's 26.5 yrs. As you have questions don't hesitate to ask the recruiter to see the regulation covering Warrant Officers or Flight Training selection. Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

I have answered simular questions for others and have comfortably recommended against the CWO programm based on options that they had, but based on your age and limited college experience I believe the Warrant Officer Program is a great opportunity for you.
C650CPT, Thank you very much. You are exactly the person I was looking to answer my questions. From what I have been told is that you cannot have passed your 29th birthday at time of board selection. On the GT section of the ASVAB I made a 123 so that looks pretty good. This morning I was suppose to have taken the AFAST (according to the recruiter) but when I went down there they said I was not sheduled nor did I receive a study guide soooo Im waiting to hear back from him. The more info I get the more and more I really want it. Thanks again.
You are correct, the cutoff age is 29 yrs. old at time of Board Selection for Regular Army appointments and 27.5 yrs. at time of Application for National Guard and Army Reserve appointments.
Well I took my AFAST last Wed. Still waiting on the results. I feel pretty good about it except on one part time ran out and I didnt answer like 5 questions or so ??? Keeping my fingers crossed.
Well the local MEPS didnt have any so I purchased one at a local book store. It was very useful in preparing me with the format and types of questions to expect. However, the editing was very questionable to say the least. I found a few mistakes including several wrong answers, but all in all it was very useful. I
Do you have any info on how long the process is? I understand its probably different with everybody but was just wondering. I noticed on one of your previous post you said you waited 2.5yrs. Is this the norm? Also one more thing, are my chances any better now with everything going on? Someone told me that alot of people are not wanting to do it because of the war.
Thanks for the help and support!
The process can be slow or if you take an active role in it you can "speed" things up. I had to wait 3 yrs. as required by my state before they would send me to WOFT. I didn't wait 3 yrs. to apply or get my package submitted. Active Duty application should be able to be accomplished in 6 mos. or less I would expect, this is a question for the recruiter.

The Army machine works like a big according, when times are tight the pull in and restrict schools, when times are needing the open the flood gates. I would assume your chances are as good right now as ever.