AOPA Aviation Summit

I will be there. We will have an airplane on display(Paradise LSA). Stop by and say hi! JOE
The summit starts tomorrow the 5th. I'll be there on Friday and Saturday volunteering. Anyone else planning on going?
I'm going over on Saturday (the 7th). Probably will end up flying into VDF, then taking the shuttle down to O'Knight, to try to avoid some of the congestion. Plan on being there all day, between the airport and convention center.
Unfortunately it's the same weekend as my wife's Ironman up in Panama City. I'm leaving town tomorrow morning and won't be able to make it. Sucks.
Anyone see anything interesting?

I was somewhat under-whelmed by the whole thing. Lots of empty room in the convention center, made it feel like it was empty. Granted, I know the economy was down, but still, there was a ton of empty room in there.

At the airport, I was impressed by the Tecnam's. Especially the P2006T. Surprisingly lots of room in that airplane. Especially for the back 2 seats, which sit in front of the high-wing spar. Panel wise, it was very well equipped. G1000, with an S-Tec 55X, and even an ADF. Also liked a few of the other LSA's that were on display (Searey and Paradise, specifically.)

And, I've decided that I need a glider rating, so I can fly that Diamond HK36. Coolest Diamond plane there, hands down.
I meant to take more pictures, but apparently forgot. Its hard to remember when you are looking at stuff. I really should have when I sat in the Tecnam twin. I ended up with a single picture of it, from a bad angle.