Any Sept. 3 starts at FSI?


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This is my first post on Jetcareers, but I've been a virtual voyeur for about a year now while I tried to pluck up the courage to apply. Well, I got my enrollment agreement yesterday and I'm looking at the September 3 start date.
I'll be ab-initio (I know getting private first is the best course to go, but it would take too long in my current situation, and I'm 23, feeling old already).
Thanks go out to the regulars like kdwilkes, Baron, Naut, Chunk, Heat and of course Doug for a great site. Hope to see some of you down there soon. I'll have lots of questions so don't mind me.
Welcome to the fold....

23 is far from old! If you aren't going to get your PPL before you come here, at least get a few hours so you know if you like it or not!

Either way...good luck and hope to meet you in Sept!


Welcome to JC and the FSI forum. Good choice on FSI, but take Chunk's advice and get a few hours. Drop all of us a line when you get to Vero. A drink on me.

Welcome aboard and thanks for the good words, and including me in fine company. When I did my tours of (9) Flight Programs in florida, FSI was the clear choice for me.

I will also go to FSI starting from scratch, I have a few hours in a C172 and I love it, but considering that the local FBO's in long island, N.Y and in New Jersey are far from Brooklyn make it hard for me. Once I start my program at FSI, I could concentrate 100%, with little or no distractions.

As far as questions are concerned, if I can help you in any way, please feel free to do so.

Best Regards,
Yeah, I second that...23 is far from old, in fact you'll be among the youngest at FSI. As far as age goes you see everything from teenagers fresh out of high school to guys in the 50's. Anyways....congrats and I hope I'll be seeing you down in Vero this fall....(When my # gets called hehe!)
Dear God I'm a "regular" now?!?! I've spent way too much time on this board what exactly did I do with that thing I called a life?...

I sent in my application and should be starting the Private Audit on September 3rd. Worst case September 30th but so far so good for the 3rd.

I've noticed I have a star under my name now in the left hand column (go ahead...look). What's that all about? Did I earn my "ticket" & now move on to the time building phase?

Wow, thanx a lot for the warm cyber reception and solicitous remarks. Certainly one of the biggest draws of this career for me any way is the camaraderie and fraternity (with the occasion aviatrix welcome in the fold, of course) that pilots seem to enjoy. Professional pilots are still a fairly exclusive career bracket, and I can't wait to join the ranks.
mfloyd, nice to hear you are starting the same day, perhaps we might have a chance to room together in the future or any of the rest of you bachelors.
And nice to hear I'm not too old for this biz, Doug mentioned someplace on this board that Delta hired a 23-year-old into the right seat of one of their jets and that's what had me feeling geriatric. Not that I'd be out of place in Vero, from what you guys have been telling me. Any scuba divers out there?
I did go up in a C-172 for a short flight and that's the first time I got to take the yoke, but I've been flying since I was three months old, so no stranger to being around planes.
When you get here, be nice to the guy flying the little green and white Cessna 150. That'll usually be me. I'm usually trying not to get eaten by all the Seminoles in the pattern...

Eagle. My door is always open, however you will have to fight my 1-1/2 year old for the crib /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif Seriously, look me up in orientation... I'll be the 6'1 32-year old (hopefully not the oldest one there).

Hi all, I am another Sept 3rd hopefull.
I still need to get back down there and find a place to live. Can you just pull into town with everything you own in a truck and get an apartment pretty quick or is it tough to find vacancies in the area?
Maybe we'll run into each other then, I'm starting the Private Audit on the 3rd as well. That's the plan anyway.

One thing you can do is staying in the dorms while you look for a more permanent residence. They have plenty of room for now and they are pretty flexible how many days you can stay. They just charge you by the day which I think it quiet reasonable compared to staying in a hotel.
Scuba Diver here! I can't wait to dive in the warm waters of Florida and some of the freshwater dives as well.
I'm a September 3rd Private Audit inductee, also. Hopefully will be done there around August 28th or 29th. If anyone is looking for a roomate, let me know cause I'll be looking for a place to stay. See you all down there. Gotta a long 3-14 hour drive from Washington State.