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I've recieved information that another single engine stan class will be starting at the very end of July...(Sometime around now no?). Anyway, I believe their are 8 people in the class so let's take a collective sigh (ahhhh) and move 8 steps forward!! woo hoo!

*If anyone has any info to support this I'd appreciate it. I haven't heard much about it but I'm not in Vero anymore so it's tough to get details....
Hey Baronman,

If these 8 move up, it sounds like soon your in business. 3 steps forward and 1 step back. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

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I hear it took something like 17 phone calls to get 8 for the class. Even if that's not true, you know the number had to at least be 10-12 off the list.

Good Luck. Maybe we'll all see you soon.

Yes, they are continuing stan. Another class thru soon...problem is everyone is flying like dog doo, a bunch of people are busting flights and frascas in the current SE stan. So I don't know if the next class will start on time. I would recommend if anyone is starting stan soon to get out and fly, cause rumor has it the patience with people in stan is very low right now. Practice up yo's!
That's actually not very fair if they are loosing patience with the people that stuck it out 4 to 6 months. Especially after running up a tab of 50K then sitting around waiting almost half a year. Most people would be rusty. Plus I'd guess that the loan payments are just about due and I'd think most wouldn't be able to afford much flying.

Just a thought.
On a positive note, at least there's moblity, and a class is starting. I'll take that in a heartbeat, considering the way things where a few weeks ago. But if they move these (8) and another group after that, how will it be before they are line ready.?

Rain or shine I'll see you guy's in September. Hey Chunk, How's your progress coming along.?

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I stuck in the dusty desert they call Step 2. I'm making good progress, but not as fast as I'd like. A few weather cancellations....etc. etc. I'm mad at myself for not pushing myself. I could be farther ahead, but it's easier to take it easy....ya dig? Oh well...Had my first Frasca last week....oh how they suck! I did okay, but you can just tell that the Frasca time is going to be the least fun here. I am also doing Zlin (upset recovery aka spins, rolls, loops, etc.) I'm looking forward to that a good deal.

Step 2 does drag on. But, at least you're not sharing the front with your instructor. Believe me, when you both are sweating like mad you'll miss the good old days of being alone.

Frasca trainer is really dull, but I learned a ton from it.
Yeah, I ended up liking the Frasca.....It's a good tool, I have a hint for you guys practicing engine out...Remeber, you want to keep the ball on the inclinometer about half way out. If you stomp down on the rudder pedal like you do in the plane you'll be adding a ton of drag in the Frasca and not being able to keep altitude.

Happy Frasca sessions!
I just got back from my last Frasca session. I have my 'get hired ride' tomorrow.

Tonight was interesting. NDB approach, lost the right engine, vacuum failure on the left, gear failure inside FAF. What to do? The horror.....the horror......

Let's drain the swimming pool of instructors!

I just got the green light from my doctor, and he said that I will be about 85% to 90% ready by the time I'll start flying. In case anyone's wondering, I just had surgery and working on my recovery. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif If I could impart any advise to you guys, please stay healthy, it's frustrating when your med-down.


If some these students, are busting their flights and frascas training for their SE Stan class, if they wash-out on these checkrides, how soon will the school grant re-current training to get them back to standards.?

Frascas training is generaly used for Instrument training, nomaly how may hours are spent during this session.

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Well, there is no such thing as "recurrent training", you rent on your own (at employee rates) and get yourself up to standard before you start....usually with the help of a friend who is probably in stan too. You have 3 attempts to pass each individual stan event, I think for SE its 2 flights, 2 frascas, and a brief or something. You go up twice with a stan pilot, and if you do not pass either of those you go with the chief instructor. Technically, if you do not pass with him, you are relieved of your opportunity to work here. Now...that almost always pass on the 3rd try. He is cool about stuff. There are some people that REALLY struggle in stan, take a month or 2 to get thru, but thats fairly rare. And people get relieved of their job, but, thats pretty rare too. I'd say 1 in 15 or 20. Right now they are a little less patient, because people are coming in unprepared, I think thats whats pissing them off. But, its like everything....people will say its real hard, and it is hard, but if you are prepared its no big deal.
Stan meaning Standardization Class....At FSI as well as many other flight schools before they give you any students they expect you to learn all the maneuvers and information "Their Way." This way every instructor at an institution teaches a chandelle the same way thus avioding the, "Well my old instructor taught me like this..." So at FSI right now their is a backlog of hired instructors waitining to take the last step before they get students and that is Stan Class, it consists of ground school as well as 2-4 flights and some Frasca time...Hope I helped.
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sorry if I sound like a dummy, but what's "stan"?

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Well, STAN is me. 6'3", 210(ish) and ALLLLLLLL MAN!! /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif

Oh -wait - I see that's been answered. I'll excuse myself.

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