Angel Flight

They are a group of pilots who use their own aircraft (everything from C-172s to GVs) or rent aircraft to take people to medical appointments who could not make it otherwise.
They are all over. The western US has a branch Angel Flight. Every once and a while we will get people renting aircraft to do Angel Flights, all on their own dollar, very studly of them.
A great organization. I use to work at a FBO at PDK in Atlanta and dealt with several of them. The pilots who fly them are cool folks for volunteering there time and money ( for fuel and rental ). I have seen some really sick people be able to get treatment thanks to them. The kids are the ones that really hit home. I think there website is
There was some kind of AngelFlight rally at Fresno last weekend. I was up with a student, and the controller (whom I know) tells me there's about to be an onslaught. Turned out to be 43 AngelFlighters plus regular traffic in about a 30 minute timeframe. All of a sudden Fresno Tower sounded like SFO. Just as suddenly, it was all over.