Alaska CFI training


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I'm interested in taking some time off this summer and spending a month in Alaska someplace, getting my CFI ticket and some valuable Alaskan flying experience - does anyone recommend a spefic FBO or flight school in particular? I'm looking for something around either Anchorage or Fairbanks, although that's not set in stone at all.
still at 300 hours and in a tiresome holding pattern!!

One of my wife's coworker's father runs this website!
One of my wife's coworker's father runs this website!

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Take Flight Alaska at Merrill field in Anchorage is the largest flight school up here. If you have access to Military bases, there is a good flying club at Elmendorf.

The flying up here is great, and I am glad I came up here to do it. I have been here just over a month have about 60 Alaska time and will be starting ground school for a 135 carrier this month.
I will when I can, I am still living at a friends house and most of my belongings are still in my car. I will be moving in about a week and will then be able to get some.
About how much total time do you have?
I emiled the Take Flight Alaska Chief CFI and he said he'd welcome me to do my training and thenmaybe work for him (full time) before going off to a 135 operation where I could work 2 weeks on/2 weeks off - that sort of thing.
There are a lot of carriers up here that hire with low time. I came up here with just over 1,000 and now have somewhere near 1,150. I got on with one that does the 2on/2off schedule, there are some that do a 20/10, and PenAir does a 1week on/1 week off schedule for the caravan co-pilots out in Dillingham. Therea are also a lot of people that do seasonal summer hiring but I am not sure what kind of times they require.