Airline serving one destination only

Pretty sure they'd have to serve a minimum of two.
Crap, just figured it out.

Carrier ops in the US Navy!
In the past, there have been a few. Mega Maldives, which was flying a 767-300 from Gan in the Maldives to Hong Kong a few days a week, had one route for a year or more. But it looks like they've added 2 more airplanes and a few more cities now.

I know of FlyMonsterrat, a one-plane BN-2 Islander operation in the Netherland Antilies who has one scheduled route, from Monsterrat to Antigua. But they offer charters all over the Carribean when the plane isn't flying that route.

Another one BN-2 airline, Anguilla Air Services, has the same set up with scheduled flights from Anguilla to San Juan but with charters. Whats cool about this one is one guy owns it and did all the flying 7 days a week until his wife complained so much about him never being home he had to hire a guy to fly on Sundays and holidays.
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