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A flight college I'm interested in attending soon has an admission process to filter 500 aplicants down to 85 college students. It is a 3 year/7 semester college in Canada. Part of the admission is a tested based on final high school year courses in English and Technical Mathematics. If anyone has any ideas in what types of questions and things that would typically be covered in an admissions test would be, I would greatly, greatly appreciate any assistance. The school is Sault College for anyone that might recognize it. Thanks!
Canada? Where is that??
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- Short translation -- What types of questions can I expect on an admission test into a Flight College.
I don't know of any of the flight schools, (ie DCA, ATP, Pan-Am) that have admission tests. Do schools like Embry, UND, etc have specific admissions tests for aviation?

(Heck, I didn't even take a test for admission into my finance program at DePaul!!!)
UND doesn't. I think that you have to come in with a certain GPA from High School to be able to fly your first semester. I believe it is 3.0 or above, but I am not totally sure. You can't fly at UND when your GPA falls below a 2.5.
This college's admission is based on last high school years mark, and a admissions test. There are 500 applicants, and obviously they couldn't accept them all in one year. Similarily, there is a GPA 3.0 that you have to earn first semester to continue the rest of the course. But it's the test to get in that I'm worried about.
Thanks a bunch Chris, never new these site existed, should be lots of info there. Thanks for your help