Acronyms and Glossary of Terms!

Re: ATC Acronyms/Definitions

In an effort to continually improve the ATC forums, we'd like to add an ATC FAQ section that shows all the acronyms and definitions ATC uses.

plus, i'd like to learn a new thing or two and i can't understand what ya'll are talking about since i don't know the proper verbage...HAHA

so...helpz a girl out... :D

As the acronyms get added to this thread, I'll also add them to the FAQ section of the site, for now, till we get a wiki set up.


By acronyms, I'm guessing you mean "contractions." Here is a link to every single contration used by the FAA or ICAO. All you have to do is post a link to this in your FAQ section...unless you have the time to type out 487 pages of them.

Contractions - FAA Order JO 7340.2

For a list of common definitions that Pilots/Controllers use...try the Pilot/Controller Glossary
Re: Anagrams and Glossary of Terms!

SWA- Southwest Airlines
DAL- Delta Airlines
EGF- Eagle Flight
MEP- Midwest Airlines
UAL- United Airlines
NWA- Northwest Airlines
COM- Comair
JAL- Japan Airlines
JBU- Jetblue
ASH- Airshuttle (Mesa)
FDX- FedEx
UPS- UPS (duh!!!)
FRL- Freedom Airlines, pronounced Freedom Air
BAW- British Airways, pronounced Speedbird
VRD- Virgin America, pronounced Redwood
AWE - USAir, pronounced Cactus

***TRIVIA QUESTION*** What is the only aircraft that is in the weight class of "Super"??

as of april 2010 the B757 is no longer a heavy. their ALL larges, even the 757-300
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