ACA Jetstream Lands Nosewheel Up


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Independence Air Announces Agreement With IBM For New Automated Customer Service Solutions; Low-Fare Airline Service to Include Innovative Airport Features
Thursday January 8, 11:34 am ET

DULLES, Va., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Atlantic Coast Airlines Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACAI - News) today announced it has contracted with IBM's Global Services division to design new next-generation customer service systems for Independence Air -- the low-fare airline that will serve Washington Dulles International Airport and 50 other destinations across the U.S. -- that will assist in speeding passengers through the airport check-in process, making air travel faster and easier.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kerry Skeen said, "One of the hallmarks of Independence Air is putting the customer first in everything we do. One important way we will demonstrate that commitment is by offering new technological improvements that create a fast, flexible and efficient airport experience for our customers." He added, "IBM's creativity and experience makes them the perfect partner to help us develop the airport customer service innovations we will introduce when we begin service as Independence Air."

Systems in development for Independence Air include electronic check-in kiosks to assist passengers in selecting seat assignments, meal options, flight schedule changes, as well as printing baggage tags and promotional coupons.

The Independence Air hub at Washington Dulles will be the largest low-fare hub in America, with over 325 daily departures to destinations up and down the East Coast, to Florida, the Midwest and across the country to California and other West Coast cities. Service will be provided using a fleet of over 100 jet aircraft, including Airbus A319s and A320s as well as the fast, convenient CRJ.

The "preview" website for Independence Air is available now at Once an official start date for service is announced, customers will be able to make reservations directly on the site. Web visitors who sign up for membership to the "i club" will receive additional information about Independence Air services, and be offered the opportunity to take advantage of special offers and promotions available only to members.

I didn't know any of the crewmembers, but from what I hear, they did an excellent job.


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Aww Dave, you punk'd us!

I was all "junkstream wreck, huh?" and I got a screen full of corporate electrobabble!


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Ahh, here it is:

Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Dulles
Friday January 09, 2004 12:54pm

Dulles, Va. (AP) - An aircraft operated by Atlantic Coast Airlines made an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport on Friday because of landing gear problems, airline and airport officials said.

Flight 7768 was traveling to Dulles from Charleston, W.Va., when the landing gear failed in the front of the aircraft by the nose, airline spokesman Rick DeLisi said.

Thirteen passengers and three crew members were aboard the twin-engine turboprop when the airplane landed shortly before 9 a.m. Everyone safely exited the airplane.

Pilots are trained to land airplanes when the front landing gear fails by maintaining enough air under the wings to keep the front aloft until the aircraft slows to a stop, DeLisi said. It wasn't clear if those procedures were followed in this case and an investigation was ongoing.

DeLisi said the aircraft was not seriously damaged.


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Doug, were you trained to keep the nose on the md-88 off until the plane stopped too, in case the nose gear failed? I love the media...


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Nope, Usually we want to get the nose down so we can engage the thrust reversers.

Aerodynamic braking isn't done in jets. I didn't know this until I was flying the 707 simulator a few years ago at American that the instructor said "Wow!! I've never seen anyone aerobrake a 707 before! Holy crap!"