A question for you 737 pilots or anyone who knows


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What are those two wheels that spin on each side of the throttle quadrant for, and when the pilot spins them manually what does that do.

For an example clip of this. Go to airsidetv.com and scroll down to the where it says No 1 B737 taxi runs. It is in the middle colum of the page. click the down arrow and click the "No 1 B737 taxi runs"
Now fast forward to exactly 16 minutes and 9 seconds and there you will see what im talking about.

They look like some kind of engine sychronizer to me but I dont know.



P.S. If anyone knows how to post a video from your computer can you share with me how

but why are they spinning automatically really fast and at different rates and then all of a sudden equall out

I thought they were trim wheels too but i didnt know for sure.

Thanks for the quick response

I woudl guess the pilots are using the trim control on their yoke instead of the good old GA way of spinning it.
Yeah I thought that also but it looks like in this video he turns it on with an over head switch and then is messing with the throttles.

If you watch this video they look like they could grab your shirt sleave and rip you down in their.

Thanks for your insight lain.

It was too long for me to watch to give you much more info. I am at work and with the mess that went on this morning I am behind as it is. Good thing I got 238% of quota last month, but I need to get some WHAM BAM CHING CHANG in this month to keep the boss happy!
This is old school Boeing stuff. They are trim wheels that spin really fast if you hit the main electric trim switches on the yoke. They spin slower if you use the the autopilot crusie trim switch on the center pedastal. With a complete electrical failure, there are little handles that you can pop out of the side of the trim wheel and move them by hand. Just make sure those handles aren't popped out when the power comes back on cause if they whacked your knee while turning fast using main electric trim, it would hurt pretty bad. The 727's I fly have the same system.
hey thanks

I wasnt sure. now i know for sure

yeah like i said they look like they could grab your shirt and rip you down in there.

heck there spining fast enough they look like they could burn you if they rubbed your hand.


I got wacked in the knee once on the 737. Holy crap it hurt!

Ahh, the "clackclack...clackclack...clackclack..." of a 727/737 brings back fond memories
yeah i can just imagine

Every airplane has its cool little pains dont they

The beech 1900

Cpt: gear up
Cpt: punch your window
FO: what
Cpt: punch the damn window
BOOM errrrrrrrwwwwwwww
BOOM ehhhhhhhhhhhhh
BOOM errrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwup

stole that from the continental airlines forum about memories of their beech 1900's

If those trim wheels didn't spin that fast, it would take an uberlong time to get them to move anywhere.

Since I'm in the 727 this semester, I tried hand cranking them and after a couple of spins I gave up because the little arrow didn't move!

"Zero, Zero, Five... ::loud spinning noise:: set!"