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Happy Independence Day everyone! When I logged onto JetCareers this morning, I looked up an old post that I wrote exactly one year ago today. At the time, I was in Vero Beach at FlightSafety, & posting under the name "Veronaut." Somethings change in the course of a year, I'm no longer in Vero (hence no longer Veronaut), I'm working as a SIC for a 135 gig instead of being a student. But some things don't change, such as the message of my 4th of July post: [ QUOTE ]
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! In America, we often take our liberties for granted, which is truly a shame, for it is these liberties that truly make us great. For those of us who have seen different parts of the world know that you will not find any other country with our combination of freedom & abundance of riches. We are truly blessed, & dare I say "one nation under God."

It is because of these freedoms & the abundance of riches that we are able to enjoy the common interest that brings us together in this forum, aviation. We all enjoy that feeling of "freedom" that taking flight gives us. We celebrate that freedom every flight at the moment of rotation, & that in itself is a legacy handed down to us by two great Americans, Orville & Wilbur Wright. Where else in this world is it possible to enjoy the freedom of flight as we do here in the United States of America? Nowhere, of course, this is why the rest of the world sends it’s pilots to us to train. What is the state of General Aviation in China? What is the price of avgas in Germany? How many days of VFR are there in England? Is it any wonder therefore that the flight ops of our flight schools are so full of foreigners with a yearning to fly?

For some, none among us I’m sure, airplane noise is an annoyance. For me, it is a sound of liberty. Did anyone else recognize the eerie silence in our skies in the days following 9/11? It really struck me. It took a period of national tragedy to contemplate on what we pilots in America take for granted every day. But it doesn’t take a major act of terrorism to threaten our ability to take flight. Every day around our great Land, airports are threatened with closing by others who do not share our enthusiasm for aviation. This strikes me as incredible when other airports are struggling to reopen fully in the post 9/11 airspace restrictions. I do not begrudge the people who would shut down our airports the right to try to do so, but we too must make our voices heard! Vigilance in the defense of freedom is the hallmark of the patriot. As we all take time to enjoy aviation, we should also take time to help perpetuate it. Join a pilot’s organization, volunteer, speak up at a city council meeting. Thank the people who do so!

Today celebrate our Independence! America is, as President Reagan suggested, that “shining city upon a hill.” It is the beacon of freedom for the world, & blessed are we who call it home.

God Bless America!


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Enjoy your freedoms, take nothing for granted, & Happy 227th birthday, America!
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Canada just celebrated its 137th b-day on July 1st too. Two of my good friends celebrated their 22nd b-day today, and I celebrate my 22nd b-day tommorow!!

July is definetly the "party" month.