1st Class Experience


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Can anyone share their experiences with the 1st class medical/physical? I am curious about the whole process. What does the Doc do that's different than giving you a form to fill out, pee in a cup, vision test, hearing test, and blood pressure? I am a little apprehensive about going and would appreciate some insight from those of you who have gone. BTW -- I will be 39 in June so if there is something else I need to be concerned about, let me know that also. I already had some Doc's vasiline covered finger up the poop chute and hated it. Felt violated and nasty all the way home (40 miles with a greasy ass then showered for an hour--yuck!)....

Thanks for anyones reply--- stay focused

Hawk - if it helps - I was 36 at the time of my exam and I had pretty much the same experience you described for my THIRD Class medical.

I'm NOT looking forward to going back for my First Class.
Man where are you guys getting your medicals? My first class was really easy. First a really good looking nurse askes me to pee in the cup, then she takes my blood pressure, height and wieght, checks my vision and hearing the usual stuff. Then the old wrinkly doctor walks in looks me over and asks me to turn my head and cough. That's about it! Then he signs off on my medical. I don't think its really anything to worry about.
Hello Everyone,

I've heard that all First Class Medicals for those over 35 (or is it 40?) or older need an EKG every 5 years. Is this true? If so, how much extra does this cost? If this isn't true, is there any difference for "older" pilots? Sorry for bothering you all, but I've been out of flying for a few years & no longer have any FAR's handy.


Hey - the age is 35 for the EKG... from what I was told anyway.

The AME that did my exam said he charges an extra $50 for the EKG. (I didn't get the 1st class cert. just yet. Didn't need it to get my PPL, inst. and Comm. tickets... I'll get it after I get my Comm.).

I don't know, however, about the 5 year requirement. I thought it was every time you got your 1st class exam, but I may be out of the ballpark on that one.

Good luck.

I just passed my 1st class today and it was super easy. It took 20 minutes at most. He checked my vision, ears, throat, poked around at my belly, and had me pee in the cup. I was shocked by how simple it was. I was very nervous about going because of all the horror stories I read on this site and all the crap you have to deal with if the medical gets deffered. I'm also glad I didn't have to turn my head and cough or get the dreaded jelly finger! Anyways, it was very quick and I was stressing out over nothing.

By the way...Ian, thanks for recommending Dr. Shapiro.
Don't mean to get personal but what is your age? Willing to bet, the younger you are, the easier and faster the Class 1 is..... I was 35 the 1st time I got the old finger violation. Still remember that long drive home........
I'm 23 so maybe my age has something to do with it. I was just happy that the exam was so easy because I had somehow convinced myself that all doctors are evil and like to find things wrong with people.
Hey Hawk. Yeah so when I went in for my 1st class med. I pee'd in a cup, was checked for color blindness, checked my reflexes in my knees, told me to give a touch down sign, he pressed on my stomach area. Nothing to it man. If you are still having 2nd thoughts about it, their isn;t anything to worry about, it's so easy. That is of course if you don't have anything wrong with you:)
I was 33 for my initial class I. It was WAY easy. The Doc told me that he would know if something was wrong without even touching me. Kinda odd, but whatever. Nothing to it, took 20 minutes TOTAL...great experience!
I just got my first class renewed and some advice...when they ask you to cover one of your eyes for the eye exam and read the line, DON'T PUT PRESSURE ON THE EYE YOU'RE COVERING. I did this and when I switched my hand I couldn't read a thing. :panic: That's all I can think of. The rest is pretty straight forward.