1. SPAWNmaster

    Understanding the commute (ITH to LGA/EWR/JFK)

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a part-time MIL guy with a family (two young kids). I'm actually pretty happy with my civilian job/life but am tempted by the long-term upside of the airlines. I have done my fair share of reading, searching old threads, picking brains offline...
  2. PenguinAviator

    GoJet... Yay or nay?

    Ok here's the dealio... Go Jet is talking a big game as of late and just inked a training agreement with the school I teach at here in HNL. Me: 800~ish TT CFI/CFII 50 ME From the pitch: "This program provides...
  3. G

    Becoming an Airline Pilot without a College Degree

    I have looked at other threads similar to what I am asking in this but it is hard to get a definitive answer from most. I am currently enrolled in a 4 year university for a BS in political science and I am looking at just making it by with college tuition. I have always have had a passion for...
  4. GabeOms

    Are you happy with your regional?

    I've seen so many threads mentioning the problems with their regionals. I was wondering if there is anyone happy with the regional they chose, and what makes it better than most.