1. aaman256

    Looking for time building partners in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area

    Hey everyone, looking to build about 30 hours X-country PIC time as quickly as I can. I know a few reputable places to rent a C172 in KTMB, KOPF and KFXE. If anyone is interested in flying with me as a safety pilot and logging some PIC time let me know! Also if anyone owns an airplane and is...
  2. thegriffinpages

    ATP Second In Command Type Rating

    Under Part 121, a First Officer needs an ATP with a Second In Command (SIC) Type Rating. Is that SIC Type Rating the same thing as having a Restricted ATP? I ask this because I'm studying for my Aircraft Dispatch Certification. Some of the questions they ask are about things like approach...
  3. Helodriver27

    Interesting read put out by the Feds on logging of flight time...

    Hoping this clears some things up. A good read. Not new information, but nice to see some elaboration to help clear up obvious confusion within the industry. Here's a link to the PDF: https://www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/2016/media/NovDec2016.pdf Logging Pilot in Command Time Once you get a...
  4. RookiePilot

    BofA Gulfstream PIC Gig

    Thought I'd share, ... http://careers.bankofamerica.com/job-detail/16024205/united-states/us/captain-gulfstream?apstr=%26src%3DJB-11684
  5. Alaska_Melanie

    Pilot in Command for Part-135 Carrier in Alaska needed.

    It's an exciting time to work at Grant Aviation! We're a growing, made-in-Alaska Part 135 carrier known for our strong track record of safety, and for being one of the friendliest airlines in Alaska. We are currently seeking to fill several Pilot in Command positions for Cessna 207s, GA8...