part 135

  1. Jenxo

    Job in USA as Non-Citizen

    Hello everyone, As the title says i am non us-citizen but i do hava an FAA license, i have 1019 TT, i have experience in part 135, most of it in the C208B, multicrew glasscockpit. Are there eny operatos willing to take non us-citizen. Thank you in advance.
  2. L


    City of Chicago just opened up 4 positions for airport operations supervisor at O'hare airport. You will need some aviation experience, and college education is preferred. I've attached the link but if it doesn't work just Google city of Chicago jobs. The job posting is only up till July 14...
  3. BigAki88

    XOJET Hiring Part 135

    Morning, XOJET is currently hiring for two positions for Flight Operations Analyst (flight follower). Starting pay is $20hr, work schedule is 4 10hr shifts, and currently based out of MCC. Private message me if you have any additional questions, you can apply at the link below...
  4. IJD

    Cape Air is hiring

    Cape Air is hiring in HYA. Great place to start off. You start off as a 135 flight follower. Usually in about a year you get upgraded to a 121 dispatcher, dispatching ATR-42s out of Guam. Solid crew working in the SOC. Really good trainer and supervisors. Pay is around $16 an hour plus a profit...
  5. Joepilot84

    Reclear flight plans under Part 135

    I have been trying to find some guidance in relation to the legality of filing and flying a reclear flight plan under part 135. Under part 121 opspec BO-44 is required as per but under 135 there is no such opspec. FSIMS states...