medical denied

  1. T

    TBI denied medical

    In April 2019 I was enlisting in the national guard at the MEPS station. After a blood draw was conducted. I walked down a hallway, and proceeded to pass out. Resulting in a TBI with Basilar Skull Fracture. I have gone deaf in my right ear as well from the blow to my head. This year I applied...
  2. AF1993

    Denied for illegal drug use - Trying to appeal

    My husband just received an email from medical today stating that he was denied for illegal drug use. He disclosed on his security questionnaire that he smoked marijuana on only a few occasions in his lifetime, the most recent being in July of 2016. Other than that, he has used no other illegal...
  3. Pilotlynn

    Special Issuance started a newly approved by FDA Med

    I have a friend this happen to. He had been flying with a special issuance since his 1st medical. Last year a newly approved medicine was released by the FDA which could cure his medical problem only taking it for a limited duration of 24 weeks. He understood he could not fly while taking the...