1. J

    Airacer CFI Needed

    One of our client in KCDW (Fairfield, NJ) is looking for part time flight instructors. Responsibilities: 1. Piper worrier flight instructor; 2. Hold flight and ground training for students. You get: 1. Paid opportunities to build up your flight hours; 2. Extra pay for discovery flights; 3...
  2. Alex Thach

    Fixed Wing Pilots & Instructors

    Hey Everyone, CAE USA is currently hiring experienced Pilots and Instructors for the C-12 and Grob 120TP. These jobs are for the Fixed Wing program located in Dothan, AL. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a great company and program. Check out this article for more information on the...
  3. tallpilot917

    CFI looking for a opportunity

    Hello, I'm a CFI, commercial pilot, multi-engine land, single-engine land and instrument rated. I hold about 305 hours (ASEL 163 and AMEL 142) I have a First class medical, a FCC Radio license. I've flown Pipers Archers, Seminoles, Cessnas 172s, 182s, Mooneys, Diamonds and Decathlons. I'm...