1. N

    Amateur Hour/ Career Change/ OVI(Dui) Question

    On March 17, 2009 I was arrested for driving intoxicated and landed myself in court with a well deserved OVI (that's Ohio's DUI) to which i pleaded guilty to. No way around it, I was in the wrong and to this day, 10 years later, it continues to be my crowning moment of stupidity and the worse...
  2. S

    Got charged with a DUI. I am still in high school. (18 yrs old)

    I am interested in becoming an airline pilot, but recently I was parked with my keys in the ignition sleeping when I got the cops called on me (I know, I am stupid). The officer did all his tests and came to the conclusion I was under the influence. I have gotten a lawyer and hopefully I can get...
  3. Nharrisonflys

    Montana state university

    Hi guys I'm new here and want to go to college and learn how to fly to get in the aviation Industry so does anyone know if Montana State University aviation program any good? I want to fly for a airline some day that's my dream! Any advice appreciated.
  4. Xerraid

    New PP Trainee seeking life advice

    Hello all, I'm currently in an interesting position and have looked through a few other forums about my particular issue. I haven't found anyone quite answering my own dilemma yet so I thought I'd seek advice on my own forum. Background: I've just recently begun pilot training courses. I have...
  5. N

    Purdue's aviation program

    I am currently a high school freshman, and I was interested in becoming an airline pilot via Purdue's Professional Flight degree, and had a few questions about it: How many flight hours does the professional flight degree offer? Does purdue provide R-ATP? Can you fly anytime to earn more...
  6. Coop0114

    Cfi training in Southern California?

    Anybody know of a good place to get my cfi retraining? I took my Checkride in Tennessee and failed and recently moved to California and I just need to get a few hours and maybe a little ground school refresher. And do any flight schools do contract deals where they'll get me my cfi if I'll come...
  7. Coop0114

    Anyone got insight for a fresh commercial pilot?

    I'm sitting at 315 hours over 100 multi engine. I just want to know if anyone knows a good way to build time fast? I'm in Southern California and want to get back in the air in the worst way. I know "get your cfi" but I want a flying job like traffic watch or anything really so I can pay for my...
  8. D

    Anyone Willing to be Interviewed?

    Hi everyone, need to interview and profile an individual/group for my college writing class. I decided to base it on pilots and pilot fatigue. Would anyone be willing to be interviewed over email or an instant message client? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  9. T

    How to become a pilot

    Hey everyone, I'm sure people have posted this several times, but I'd appreciate anyone who can give me some advice that is more specific to my situation. Ever since I could remember, my dream was to fly. Not just casually fly, but as my career Now, I'm 18 years old and about to start my second...