1. FlapOperator

    Ferry Flight Stops - Hotel Tips Needed

    Hey, y'all. Newbie here. I'm ferrying a plane from South America, through the Caribbean, then to the SE U.S. We have a stop at St. Martin (French side) and although we only need a hotel for one night, the prices are looking pretty steep. Although money shouldn't be that much a concern for the...
  2. E

    Seeking Crash Pad in Miramar FL.

    Hey all, longtime lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for a crash pad in or around Miramar, for my training starting in November. Thanks to all who reply!
  3. DogwoodLynx

    Silver Airways - DX/OCC Duty Manager Opening....


    ***Flight Safety Academy seeking Flight Instructors! (GAIN HOURS FAST)

    Want to gain hours fast? Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, FL is hiring flight instructors immediately! As an Instructor at Flight Safety Academy you can gain over 100 hours of flight time a month plus a possible signing bonus. Flight Safety is looking for many different types of CFI's...
  5. B

    700+TT Looking for summer work in FL or NJ

    Looking to get a little experience outside of my daily right rudder script. I should easily have 800hrs by the time the summer months roll around. CFI/CSEL/MEL IR Pvt Glider 700+TT 400+ Dual Given 220 Cross Country 76 Instrument 25 Multi 26 Glider
  6. N

    Time-Building Daytona Beach, FL $47/hr Wet

    Hey Guys and Gals, I would like to build another 250-300 hours in the course of 4-5 months. I am looking to rent from Air America Flight Center. They have a Cessna 172L that they charge $94/hr or $890/10 hour block which we would split 50/50. Come and fly for as long as you need. About The...
  7. S

    Time building

    Commercial pilot close to ATP mins looking to build time fast. I don't have my own plane, but have flight benefits and a flexible schedule.
  8. Flyhighbdi

    Very cheap time building( central florida)

    Is anyone interested in time building on a piper cherokee that rents for $80/hour wet? I am commercial pilot with multi and instrument with around 310 hours. I need to build 200 hours in the next few months. I am willing to travel if you are not located around Central Florida. If anyone is...