dispatcher school

  1. R

    Career Change Advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting on this forum and I would appreciate some advice. I currently work in shipping and desire a career change to aviation. I enjoyed working as a ramper for a regional some years ago but needed to change jobs to pay the bills. I am considering earning my...
  2. Tom1999

    Flight dispatcher...some question about learning this job.

    Hello fellow aviation enthusiasts. I've been reading the "FD" section for a long time in order to gather more ideas and informations on how to become a flight dispatcher. Some background: I'm 22 from Italy and I would like to work in the aviation industry as a flight operation officier. This...
  3. LX015

    New guy in the room...

    Hey everyone, I'm a newcomer to this site. Was referred here from another aviation site. I'm looking to find a dispatcher school in the NYC area. I've recently come across Academics of Flight, does anyone here have any opinions of this school or can you recommend a school in NYC? Thanks in advance