1. AidanHomer

    Do I need to get Complex and Hight Perf before I can work on my multi?

    I'm a recently licensed 17 year old ASEL private pilot. In an interesting turn of events, I recently became the owner of a PA-34-200t. I'm going to work on my multi rating in this aircraft, but my question is: Do I need to get my Complex and High Performance ratings in a non-twin engine...
  2. tallpilot917

    CFI looking for a opportunity

    Hello, I'm a CFI, commercial pilot, multi-engine land, single-engine land and instrument rated. I hold about 305 hours (ASEL 163 and AMEL 142) I have a First class medical, a FCC Radio license. I've flown Pipers Archers, Seminoles, Cessnas 172s, 182s, Mooneys, Diamonds and Decathlons. I'm...