1. jweldon

    Another Stay or Leave Thread

    I usually detest these threads and I feel guilty asking for advice since I don't really contribute that much, but y'all probably could have slapped some sense into me if I asked earlier. So here it is, and to give back I'll buy the first round when I finally attend NJC. The biggest reason I...
  2. Capitan Guapo

    Aspiring Pilot.. Career thoughts

    Hi Everyone. I'm only the very early stages in the process of starting a career in Aviation. A lot of sources share that its best when starting your education to avoid majoring in Aviation. The university I'm looking at offers its Aviation degree with a part 141 flight school, and getting the...
  3. I

    Busting Airspace

    Good afternoon, I know this has been covered but I just wanted to clarify something specific.. I was in contact with my local class delta airport 10 miles out inbound to land. Overlying the airport is a class Charlie airspace that starts at 1200 feet. I believe I ascended into that airspace for...
  4. H

    Helicopter switch to airplanes.... unique circumstances.

    Hey all, this is my first post. I understand that this question may have been brought up a few times but hang with me a moment and understand why I am bringing it up again. I am a Commercial Helicopter pilot with about 1500 hours PIC. I also have my ASEL. I have worked hard and have had a lot of...