1. CrippleHawk

    A question for dispatchers on Autopilot MELs (Airlines)

    Is it a new policy for airlines to fix the autopilot MEL when they go back to base? Or is it based on airline OPSPEC? The airline I work (name REDACTED) for requires the autopilot to be repaired when it heads back to an MX base. Basically it's a one leg trip from an outstation. They use to...
  2. thegriffinpages

    List of Supplemental 121 Airlines (EDITED with Cities)

    Trying to compile a list of the Supplemental 121 airlines. I have all the regular 121s. So far: Southern Air - Florence KY Dynamic Airways - Greensboro NC Omni Air - Tulsa OK Miami Air - Miami FL Swift Air - Phoenix AZ Xtra Airways - Coral Gables FL (Miami) Kalitta Air - Ypsilanti MI (SE of...
  3. D


    Anyone fly for Corvus who is willing to discuss? QOL? QOPilots? QOManagement? QOMaintenance? QOSanity? Lines? Flight time/month? Living in Anchorage on limited shekels? General feelings of Bliss? Dread? Etc?