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You\'d think they\'d learn

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- The captain of American Eagle Flight 3796 headed to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport from Grand Rapids, Mich, was pulled from the plane early Tuesday morning because several passengers said they smelled alcohol on his breath and notified authorities at Gerald Ford International Airport, according to WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids.

The Transportation Security Administration called local law enforcement personnel who approached the pilot while he was at the aircraft, American Eagle's Lisa Bailey said.

Local law enforcement administered a preliminary Breathalyzer test, which inicated a positive reading and came up .12 percent, three times the legal limit allowed by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to one report.

American Eagle said it will administer its own Breathalyzer test and an investigation has been opened. Bailey said, in the past, the tests administered by local law enforcement and the company have delivered different results.

The captain is now in the custody of the local American Eagle station manager. Another American Eagle captain who was on the flight took over as captain and took the flight to Dallas. It arrived around 8:30 a.m. at gate B-7.

There were 36 passengers on board the plane that was scheduled to leave Grand Rapids at 6 a.m.

The TSA has notified the local Federal Aviation Administration officials who are now also involved in the investigation.

It is uncertain whether the captain involved was a man or woman or how much experience he or she had.
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It is a shame that s/he had to go and do that and ruin his/her hard earned career. Gezz...
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The captain is now in the custody of the local American Eagle station manager

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WTF?? I didn't know station managers had the LEO authority to detain any case, it's a shame that the pilot made the decision to drink and fly. That is, if it actually turns out that the pilot is actually guilty of what s/he is accused of.