You know it's going...


Sitting in the median
You know it\'s going... be a bad day when you show up to your airplane after deadheading out to find this:



Yup folks, that's hydraulic fluid!

Late last night I guess there was something wrong with the hydraulic pump, so when trying to follow the operational MEL procedures for it the manual pump handle slot snapped, requiring a lot of MX overnight. So that's how we find our plane this afternoon...

Plane was fixed, we came home, all good!
Also notice the "boo-boo" on the nose from what we believe was a bird strike.
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I hate it when my turboprop is down. Guess I'll have to take the jet!

Is that an AOA indicator there?
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D'Oh! Don't you just hate when that happens!

Had a severed brake line on the King Air once, resulting in the left brake going out completely ... unfortunately I was taxiing at the time! Only the grace of God kept me from crunching a Hawker.

Ophir, yeah, that's an AOA probe.

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AOA = Angle Of Attack

An AOA probe, the protrusion on the nose of Chicaga's Saab that Ophir was referencing, provides angle of attack information to a cockpit indicator.

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Angle Of Attack Probe.....measures...believe it or not.....angle of attack and feeds the information to an Angle of Attack Indicator on the instrument panel.

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Yeah the AOA probe provides inputs to our stall computers. No indication of AOA in the cockpit. At 12 degrees AOA we get the shaker, and when both AOA probes are at 19 degrees we get the stick pusher.
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Nope, we get that from the GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) or TAWS (Terrain Awarness Warning System) should we exceed certain parameters in relation to the ground. The TAWS is much more advanced and can display obstacles in various shades when compared to the aircraft altitude on our EHSI in Radar mode.