XC sleeping accomodations


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Where can I plan to sleep when on the long-distance XCs in the ATP program? The ATP brochure mentions XC hotels, I think one of their instructors I spoke to mentioned that you actually stay in the ATP apartments at that location. That sounds good, but what if the apartments are full? I ask because I was reading a post on another site about what to bring to ATP, and the item "sleeping bag for XC trips" made it on the list.
Sometimes you will stay in apartments, sometimes you will stay in hotels. Either way, you will be taken care of. Remember, when you go on a cross country, pack for a few days. You may just fly coast to coast on any given trip (like I did). The cross-country portion of the Career Pilot Program is a blast! Have fun.
I am *really* looking forward to the XCs, and hope to make it all the way to the west coast. I just don't want to relive a 5th grade sleepover, in sleeping bags on the floor.