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I'm scheduled to start training on Mar 11 (4 day Comm ME). I've been checking weather the last couple of days and it looks like this may be bad timing. Is there anybody local, that can give me a better picture? I don't want to waste time waiting for weather to clear since I'm very short on time.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Generally speaking, our weather comes in waves. We tend to get marine systems coming through every few days, with good (well, better, anyways) weather in between. Our weather patterns tend to last days rather than hour.

I find that TAFS and Prog charts only help for the coming 24 hours. For a best guess further down the road (ie, when the systems will be moving through,) I just use a local TV station forecast:

Seattle Weather

However, the movement of the systems seem to speed up, slow down , or stop without notice!
Thanks for the link, that's what I was looking for. May not be the best time of the year for accelerated training......
If your looking for a 'window' here in Western Washington, we can offer you the last week in July through the first week in August. Other than that....

The good news is that winds seem to stay pretty managable, and the ceilings are starting to lift as things get warmer.

Hope things work out/ go well for you!
Great, the day is getting close and it wouldn't be right if I didn't have something to worry about. : )

Is the gig harbor inn the closest place to stay?