WTF Jepp


Macho Superpilot
This is more of a rant than anything, but I do have a question.

I bought the Jepps for the first time. Spent way to much money to get a fancy binder and the whole nine yards.

I quickly find my favorite places to do approaches (4 different approaches, 3 airports) so I can put that handy-dandy plastic protector on, then notice that the DH and MDA are the same as the last revisions. What my question is, these have been Notam'd for a while now at a different alt. What gives? Why wasn't the change incorporated?

NACO are the old DH and MDA too. I could understand if it was one airport because of construstion obstacles that might not be there for the next rev. but 3 airports in the area without "new" obstacles?

Roger, Roger

Ha. The identifier for one of our local airports changed last month. The NACO revision and the Jepp nav database in our airplanes got the change, but the Jepp charts from that revision cycle still have the old identifier. They also don't have the frequency for the AWOS that was put in at that same airport, which was on the NACO chart. Again, WTF Jepp.


Gone West
I can't count the Jepp plates that I have written in NOTAM info on. I have had the same problem with NACOs as well. The missed approach procedures for the VOR approaches at my home airport changed over a year ago. Still not on NACO or Jepp.

It is just part of the deal. Just means you have to keep up on the info.

You would be shocked to find out how many pilots and instrument instructors look at me as though I had three heads when I say the words "chart change notices"