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For those of you who knocked out the writtens before arriving at your ATP location, did you use the materials ATP sent or other commercial materials (Gleim, etc.)? Thanks.
I studied the Gleim books that I was sent. I took the IRA and II writtens the day before starting the 90 day program. Took the Comm. about 2 weeks later, and then finished them up during the cross country phase. In my opinion its not that hard to get your writtens done during the program as long as you make good use of your time.

The people that I saw struggling to get them done were those who partied and played all the time.

Footnote: It's been nearly a year since I started. I know during my time at ATP I saw several different people come in who were delivered a hodgepodge of study materials. Some got the Gleim books, some got a mixture of books, some got the software package. It was just kinda hit and miss.
I received the Gleim books also but went ahead and bought the software off Gleim's website for the instrument & commercial. Liked it more than reading the books, plus questions I had a hard time on or didn't understand you can mark and come back to later.
And as far as getting them done before starting the program, you do have time to take them during the program but getting them done before hand will give you a little more time, plus a little better understanding of what your doing. For example, having the instrument written done before starting the instrument training have me a good head start, especially with the quickness of the program.
Also understand that you will need an endorsement to take a test. So make sure that if you are going to take one, don't just show up to take it w/out the endorsement, or it will be for nothing.
I am in the career program now, and had all my writtens done before I started instrument training. You can still wait until you start before you take the writtens before the program, but it will be nice to get that huge brick off your shoulder if you take them before you start. You will be able to relax during your cross countries, enjoy your off time, etc
LOL.....Relax my foot. I flew all of my cross countries in 13 days with one day off. Lets just say I had a few words with a certain dispatcher. Close to the end of the cross countries I had what ended up being a 16hr day (DAB-FTY-BWG-MLU) Got to the hotel that night at 1AM. Called dispatch like a good boy at 7AM got our assignment and told the dispatcher we were taking our time that morning. Got a call from same dispatcher at 7:35 wondering why we weren't at the airport yet. I proceeded to inform him that we had just completed a 16 hr duty day the previous day, got to our hotel at 1AM, and that I not he was the PIC for the next flight and that for safety of flight I was not getting up out of bed until 8:30.

Needless to say he backed up off his high horse and dropped the subject!
That sucks! I can't imagine what your hotel must have been like in Monroe. I bet I can guess what dispatcher you are talking about! But, I luckily really didn't have any bad experiences like that during cross countries. Was usually done by 6 -7 at night.
The last 6 trips I did were PHX, LGB, PHX. Lets just say taxing around at LGB is a non event for me now. Just have a look at the place on airnav. Not quite O'Hare, but still a freakin mess. It looks like a bowl of spagheti from the air:confused:.