Written Exams


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I'd like suggestions about how to proceed with studying for and taking as many written exams as possible. I've read elsewhere about "renting" the King tapes, and I have access to the Jeppesen tapes. I am attempting to get these out of the way:

Instrument/CFII (same question pool I believe)
Fundamentals of Instructing

Are there any more writtens I don't know about? I had planned to take one of Aviation Seminars' weekend courses for the instrument exams and possibly CFI. I have heard that commerical and FOI are easier, and can be done self-study, with some software for practicing the exam. Any suggestions welcome.
If you're studying for the CFI, it's worth studying all the RTC/GLI/LTA questions and get the AGI (advanced ground instructor) exam out of the way too. That way, you can sign students off for taking the written on your ground instructor certificate and if they fail (which they won't of course!) it won't count against your flight instructor cert.

The FOI is pretty much a cakewalk, just common sense really; the CFI/AGI has a bit more in-depth aerodynamics and performance questions.