Wright Flyers, San Antonio, TX - My Journey Continues...


Living the Dream (well at least trying to)
So here I am, back in San Antonio, TX now. I recently completed my Commercial Single and Multi-Engine / Instrument at Falcon Aviation Academy (see my thread under Falcon Aviation Academy to figure out how I got here as it's been one heck of an adventure).

And now it's time to start a new chapter... My Journey and Experience at Wright Flyers.

I stopped by to meet the Chief Instructor yesterday. Great guy! I am signed up and ready to start the CFI program on the 15th of this month. They do things very formal and organized here, unlike what I been use to in my prior training. I'll be in ground school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Flying will be done around the ground school schedule.

Of course, this organization costs much more. So I had to increase my flying budget substantially to complete my CFI training here at Wright Flyers. It will cost me more than double what I would be spending in Atlanta for training (mostly since at Falcon once I got my MEI they would have paid for my CFI and CFII since I did all my prior training with them).

But overall, I'm happy to be back home in San Antonio. And I am ready to begin flying at Wright Flyers. I look forward to reporting here on my experiences since reputable schools certainly need to be recognized. And from what I know of Wright Flyers (I known the President indirectly for quite a few years just through my past work life), they seem to be a good honest business.