Wreckage of missing JASDF F-35A found


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Wreckage of a missing JASDF F-35A fighter jet found in the Pacific Ocean, nearly a day after going missing from a 4-ship flight that had departed from Misawa AB. The pilot is still MIA. The JASDF just began deliveries of the F-35A jets, replacing the long-serving F-4EJ Phantoms.

According to Japanese news: just before the accident the pilot transmitted "Knock it off." The pilot was a 3,200 hr veteran and had about 60 hrs in the F35, he was mock dogfighting with 3 other F35, although these are stealth fighters they were broadcasting signals to make them 'visible' during the training, the 3 other fighters were not near the accident aircraft when it disappeared.

一寸先は闇 (issun saki wa yami)" Just inches in front of you — darkness." Japanese admonition to always be careful because death and danger are always close.
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