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Reading socal's success story at ATP makes me want to head down to the ATP here in Sacramento and sign up! All those ratings in 59 days is just...well, a HECK of an accomplishment (CONGRATS, Socal!!). I honestly didn't think it could be done that quickly!

But, before I DO sign up, I have a question for those of you who have indeed gone through the program. Did the majority of you have much difficulty in getting your Private? I know I did, personally. Granted, prior to starting training, I only spent about 2 hours in a small aircraft, and never really read up on aviation (got the "bug" late in life!) so I can't say I was up to the level of those who had been immersed in aviation for the better part of their lives. Needless to say, all the bookwork and flying just overwhelmed me. Yes, I passed the checkride, and actually aced the exam, but I also had breathing room in between each flight in order to study, and do some "armchair" piloting. But, by no means was it easy. Did the majority of you who went to ATP, and got through the program, get your PPL at, or near, the minimums? (versus 60-something hours like it took me!)

I'm sure getting the writtens out of the way first helps hindsight, I would have done just that during my PPL so I could have just concentrated on flying. And maybe being totally immersed in aviation for 95 days (or whatever it takes) somehow makes it more "doable"?

I know ATP works...I see success stories just about everywhere. And, if I indeed decide to go there, will put forth more effort than any undertaking in life I've ever pursued. Yet, I just wonder if it takes a certain breed to survive such an accelerated course...or, maybe an "average", albeit extremely hard-working, Joe like myself can get it done?

Thanks for your time, and FLY SAFE!