Wow, today sucked....


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Had a pretty decent start today, logged about 7 hours. Landed back at home and when I was pulling in I noticed that the other airplane wasn't back. Which was weird because I was back about two hours after we normally finish up for the day, and I new the other guy was working locally and wasn't too far away. So I grab my phone to give him a call and I've got three new voice mails. I only make it through the first one because it's a friend of mine and former pilot for the company telling my he just saw the other plane upside down in a field on the 6 o'clock news. After a few shaky phone calls I find out that the other pilot has been taken to hospital, luckily with only minor injuries and should be released some time tomorrow. The guy has only been working for us for a week. I checked him out in the plane one week ago today.
Anyways, I am taking the weekend off. I am sure I'll be having a few conversations with some investigators over the next few days. Anyways, I just thought I'd share cause I am a little shaken up. Fly safe everyone
Ack! Keep us informed.... Good thing the pilot only had minor injuries. Bad thing he crashed

Since you gave him the checkout make sure you mention that he performed to your company's standards on that particular day.
Man, it's great that no one was seriously hurt, but I hope everyone had insurance!!!

Time heals all wounds...