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Hey guys, well....I'm on the CFI wait list as some of you may know, 50ish...However I recently got a job offer in my hometown up north and now I'm left pondering is it worth going and moving up there BUT having to leave an almost year long relationship in Vero. Obviously you guys don't know exactly the situation but I'm thinking maybe I should just keep waiting down here until they call my # instead of breaking up a really good relationship. Any advice on long distance relationships?

This job may sound good, but remember all the time, effort and sacrifice that you put in at vero. From the look of things, it only a matter of time before the list starts to move and you become a CFI.

You right, we dont know, but in my humble opinion you seriously consider staying put and finish it off.

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I've been thinking about it and I think I'm going to take that other job, and ride it out until FSI calls. I think it'll be a question of 5 or 6 months and then I'll be high tailing it back to Vero. There's no question in my mind that FSI is the better school, with tons of multi time, but I'd rather fly in those 5-6 months than sit around earning 10 bucks an hour at a local store. I just have to keep in mind that this other school is an intermediate step towards my final goal of teaching at Flight Safety and I shouldn't get comfortable in that other flight school, just keep my sights on FSI and accept nothing less!
Ya think?
Well, at first I didn't know if you were dating some girl or not with the talk about long distance relationships. What about factoring in all the moving expenses? I don't know how much stuff you have, but if you have a lot and need movers, it would not be pleasant on the wallet. I'm pondering the question of whether to put some stuff in storage and only take the min essentials. That way, if I get the CFI job and end up on the wait list, I can come back and teach at the local school without too much pain. I talked to marketing again, and they said no wait list by December.

But, back to your plan, I think as long as the operation you are going to is safe and maintains their aircraft well, you can't go wrong. You will get the PIC and start using that CFI. By the way, does FSI require you to get all the instructor ratings before you can start teaching. They told me you pay for the CFI, and then they give you the training for the MEI and CFII once you are hired.
One important thing to factor into the equation is the job placement "power" (for lack of a better word) that FSI would have over a local FBO.

Just another thing to keep in mind
What kind of time will this other job offer? Any multi? I guess a little is better than none....I don't think you'll be on the list til Dec. dude.....but, hey, I'm an optimist. I would't want to move twice, but I have a family.

Good luck on either option. Don't forget I owe ya a cold one.

I am going to play devils advocate and say go to the job up north until FSI calls. Its my opinion, that no matter what, if you are in this
business you have to keep flying. Do anything and everything to fly, whether its single time, multi time, sea plane time, banner towing time,
or crop dusting. FSI will call, eventually, but honestly who knows when that will be. I hope soon.
I say go catch some flight time while you got the shot,
each hour you fly is one step closer to the promised land we call J-E-T-S go Jets.
Thanks guys!! Well, I've about 90% made up my mind that I'm going to go up north to brave another winter! This other school where I'm going is a part 141 University program with no twins so it's really not worth sticking around for, I don't think the airlines go their picking up pilots like I've seen lately at FSI. However like all of us I'm just looking to get paid (instead of paying) to fly, and I'm fairly realistic when I say I think I'll be called at FSI around the end of the year. So would I rather be a year from now a Flight Safety CFI with 750 hrs or 350 hrs? In both cases (taking the job or not taking it) I end up in scenic tranquil Vero Beach (Home of the Fighting Indians!) with the same girlfriend....And you're right I'll be yelling J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS every Sunday!
I have to agree that going to teach elsewhere then returning is the better way to do things. The best thing about your plan is that you'll have 400 more hours when you go to your first airline and those hours will continue to benifit you when it comes time for promotion.

Moving yourself isn't that expensive, as long as you've got friends here and where you're going. Then all you've got to buy is food and beverages and rent a truck.