My whole life if i dont make it as a rock star or a major league baseball player i have wanted to become a pilot. An airline pilot. and, reading some of your posts doug, you dont sound like your having fun anymore. You almost sound discouraged from your job? So, im asking all you pro pilots and almost telling you to reassure me that this profession is worth it. I love flying, want to do it for a living and i really cant think of a more rewarding career. and doug, you are a pilot not a systems engineer. Next time i get on an MD88 i want a pilot, a skilled one not a systems engineer. Half of you pro pilots, I would just give anything to be in the position you are.
Well, like most professions, it's what you make of it. Just understand that you'll get paid to fly, but you're going to be putting up with alot more. As a pilot, you'll be exposed to the joys of airline politics.

You'll spend Christmas in Rapid City, SD.

You'll be going to the airport when most people are going to bed.

You'll work 16 hours and fly 3 of them.

You'll get a call at 2:00am giving you a 7:00am showtime, and it's snowing like Hell outside.

You'll fly ORD-MLI-ORD-MLI-ORD-MLI 8 hour rest ORD-MLI-ORD-SBN-ORD-MLI ad nauseum. Many days, you'll get to do this while ORD has a 2 hour program going on.

And, finally, you'll be the luckiest SOB on the planet. Because you're doing what you WANT to be doing, and as with all things, if you want the rainbow, you gotta be able to put up with the rain.

Good luck. Live the dream.