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I'm considering doing my CFI/II/MEi with ATP.... is there a chance of getting hired on with them as an instructor when I finish, or do they reserve all of their jobs for the people who went through the entire program?
There is a chance, as such, but it's slim to very slim.

ATP /normally/ fills their instructor positions with pilots from their ACP program first, and as far as I know, only hires outside instructors if they can't find qualified people from that program.

I believe there have been exceptions to this, but I don't know of any specific instances, only 'rumors', so to speak.

Alderson: Usually what are the odds if an ACP graduate wants to get employed by ATP.
And yes, i know its if there is need for an instructor. But from what you have seen, how many of those realy wanting did get accepted?
It's all been answered before. Do a little search.

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