Working at an Aircraft Manufacturer for a sumer job?


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I grew up in the town where they make Mooneys and I'm trying to get a job with them this summer. I don't really expect to be able to make delivery flights (I'm sure this is done by people with at least quadruple my hours) but I think it'd be really cool just to work around airplanes all day (trying not to be too corny here).

Anyway, what would you guys reccomend as far as a resume goes for this type of job? Has anyone here worked at a small airplane manufacturer before? I'm hoping that having an aircraft company on my resume would make it a little more impressive, because right now it's pretty bland. Here it is (I basically copied Doug's off this website)

And just out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea what kind of minimum experience it would take to deliver new aircraft? I plan on having my CPL by this spring so I could concievably do that, although I have a feeling the company's insurance probably would not allow it.
I'm sorry to say that your chances of delivering the airplanes would be pretty small. The cost of getting a low time pilot insured to fly around brand-new high hull value airplanes would be pretty high, and I don't think airplane manufacturers have much cash to spend on stuff like that.
What's kinda weird though is two seconds before I read your post, a guy I work with was just telling me that his parents live near the mooney plant and he toured it a few years back.

Anyways, you might be able to work it where you can ride along on delivery flights from time to time. If I had to guess at insurance requirements it would be approx. 500 hrs, 100 retract, 50 on type. That's the numbers I've come across a few times for high performance singles.
Yeah, that's what I thought. I'd be happy if they'd just let me ride along on a few. I pretty much just want to work in whatever capacity they'll let me.
I think your best bet would be to just to get your foot in the door, once you have done that and when you do have the time you are in a great position to get the job delivering aircraft (if they do deliver).

I would change your resume to a more conventional one (not a microsoft template). Remember in your resume you are saying look at what I have done, and in your cover letter you are saying look at how I can help you!
Yeah, like Iian said... DO NOT use a Microsoft template for your resume - I used to work at Intel's resume processing center for all Intel locations - I would see the SAME templates every couple of minutes. Definately make your own. If you'd like to see what my resume looks like, e-mail me for a copy... but it's not arrange with any flight experience - only for what I've done in the hire-you-then-lay-you-off-when-you-are-not-needed corporate world.
For those of you in college looking for aviation related jobs. I just saw on the NTSB website that they are looking for college interns to be aviation accident investigators. I am sure it is more of an assistant role to senior investigators.
I don't know how much they pay, if at all they pay anything. But it might look good on a resume.

Thanks for the advice everyone. At the risk of sounding computer illiterate, what do you mean by a microsoft template? I just wrote the resume I linked to earlier with html. Anyway, I'll probably go ahead and move my flight experience below my previous employment section since flight experience will probably not be all that relevant for this job.
On Microsoft Word if you click on File, New a screen pops up with templates, they have one for resumes, which IMHO is not very good.