WNC Aviation (at AVL = Asheville, NC)


Living the Dream (well at least trying to)
I was looking at doing my CFI, CFII, and MEI at WNC Aviation since I'm moving to Asheville. They seem to be the only show in town.

Anyone know anything about these guys?




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WNC is a decent school but if you come down to Hendersonville (15 minutes) we can get you the same ratings for a LOT less money.


Living the Dream (well at least trying to)
Thanks. I actually decided to move back "home" to Texas. I'll be going to Wright Flyers to finish and hopefully then work for them. My move was not as smooth as planned since my rental house feel through due to a major bug issue and now I'm in a hotel with my belongings in storage until I find an apartment. So it looks like I'll get back in the swing of things in October. This has been a very long delay for me since I have not been in an airplane since the first week of May!