Winter in the South


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So class gets cancelled tonight b/c of heavy rains and temps. hovering just above 32-35. The possibility of freezing just freaks people out here and fortunately I get class cancelled!!! Gotta love it.

The crappy weather and possibility of freezing rain caused 10 or so wrecks around town. Hoping school officials remain freaked out long enough to at least cancel my Chemistry class for tomorrow morning!

On a side note anyone got any suggestions for a good pop up blocker? Need to get one of those and a virus scanner thing. I keep on getting this message pop up "Winnet has encountered a problem....."
It won't always block popups, but adaware from does a really nice job of cleaning up all the mess that internet sites put on your system. Just make sure you update it before you run it.

Heh. I remember when I was at Mississippi State during a huge ice storm. Class was cancelled at our rival college (Ole Miss) which was a little north of us. Class was NOT cancelled for us, but almost the whole college skipped class. We figured if they weren't going to class, neither were we.
Thats the great thing about living in Charleston. Almost all of North Carolina and South Carolina are covered in ice and all we gt is a bit of rain and some horrible drivers.
Try living in North Dakota. We got around 18" of snow sunday they stopped plowing the roads, shut down the freeway, and told everyone to stay at home and we still had school on monday! It took me an hour to shovel out my car which the snow was up over the tires.
In southern Ontario we have about 20 inches of snow. Temp is usually around 10 F. Except it got a little warmer this morning and brought us some freezing rain for a little variety.