Wings of Their Dreams


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Just wanted to pass on a reccomendation for an excellant book that I received as a Christmas gift - the book is called "Wings of Their Dreams, Purdue in Flight" that gives a very detailed and interesting history of Purdue's aero- and astro- nautical programs. It's written by John Norberg who works for the University and he definatley did his homework. I'm not sure when it was published but it was sometime in 2003 as he makes reference to Columbia shuttle disaster and other things that have taken place this year. He also interviews current PU faculty and quotes Dr. Carney as department head so it is a very recent book.

It will give anyone who is thinking about Purdue or anyone that has attended PU an insight as to what a historical and superb program it really is. PU has the first univeristy airport, the first aeronautics program, 37% of all manned US spaceflights have carried at least 1 PU grad, PU or it's alumni have been associated with flight since 1907, etc, etc, - it's full of great info on Purdue's aviation history and a very good read.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definately check it out - as I am considering Purdue in my college search.