Wings Flight School, Blue Bell Pennsylvania-Professional Pilot Program


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For those looking for the information related to my ATP post here it is. I received so many calls that I thought it would be easier to just post a section out of their advertisement to answer the basics then you can call them if your interested in more information. I copied the following out of the information material I was given when I attended an informational session on the program. Just for the record this will sound like an advertisment because it is copied from them. I am in no way associated with Wings Flight School, etc. I am only a prospective student. Eagle, Chunk, Doug, you know who I am by now.

Scott Valik is the person in charge of the program and his office number is (215) 529-6525.

Scott is a former ATP instructor and he has created this program to take a student from their first flight to flight instructor in ten to twelve months (can be done much quicker if you want to work faster). The initial training is done in brand new, state of the art Cessna 172sp aircraft. As you progress through your training and earn your private and instrument ratings, you will transition into a Piper Seneca and aquire the multi engine flight experience necessary to build a successful career in aviation.

At the conclusion of your training, you will leave with 290 hours of logged time and 185 hours of multi engine flight time. The majority of your flight training will be done in multi engine aircraft, flying into some of the busiest, most exciting airspace in the United States. In addition, you will receive 20 hours of flight training in their multi engine Cessna 310, as well as 5 hours in their Citation 500! The number of approximate hours logged per aircraft is as follows:

C-172: 65
PA-28R (Arrow): 30
Simulator: 10
PA-34 (Seneca): 160
C310: 20
Citation 500: 5

COST $33,995
($27,995 with your private Pilot License)
That is AWESOME. On top of that, Scott will bring the better parts of ATP to the program.

I'm impressed.
Paul, is this brand new there? When I looked into Wings @ Blue Bell a few months ago, they didn't have any Multi-engine training. That's not a bad deal at all. It sounds very similar to ATP.
Yes the program is brand new. It looks like I will be one of the first students to go through the program. Actually you get paired up with another student so the two of us will be the first.Yesterday I went over to talk with Scott and he let me climb aboard the Navajo. What a fun thing to do. We ran through a mock up flight and all that goes on. Pretty standard actually! It was fun pretending anyway. He averages 5hrs a week in it doing charters. The night before he was flying all evening. The company also has the 310 mentioned in the program, 2 lears, and I believe a cheyanne (spelling?). The instructors get to do the charter on their days off if they want. Instructors also get benefits along with descent pay. They currently have 5 instructors in the Blue Bell office and 2 up at the Quakertown office. Only 1 multi engine instructor besides Scott though. Thus they want to hire those of us who successfully complete the program to teach future students.

I'm excited to get started. I think I will begin the first week of December. I feel good knowing I still have a large paycheck still coming in from my dayjob, I get to keep my house, my benefits, etc. while I am learning to fly in the evenings and weekends.

By the way, the Citation based at wings, is the Cit I fly,

There is a second CE-500 on the field, that is part 91. I don't know how a student is going to get any time in the 500, but will ask about it to find out what the real deal is.

the one I am in you will not be able to fly in because it is on a 135 certificate and must be on the certifacate to fly it.

But I will be there Sunday, (left my truck there, read this post) and I will also talk the the owner of the jets and see what the scoop is.

It will be kickass if it works out (the 500 time) but in fuel alone 5 hrs is 6000$ in fuel at retail, 1/3 that wholesale) So I am curious how that will work. stay tuned.
Paul, that sounds awesome. Things worked out for the better after all. That's great. You'll be able to continue to work and earn while going to school plus stay at home with your family. It couldn't have worked out better.

I'm gonna take a look into that program too. I'd rather get away from my good paying job on the other hand. And I don't have a wife and kids to consider. Flight school in Florida is a good excuse for me to get out of here. It's time for me to move on.
I'm happy for you Paul. Good Luck.
Well I put down my deposit yesterday for the program @ wings. Actually it is mostly out of UKT (Quakertown). I have a start date of the second Monday in January. I saw the Cheyanne while I was up at the airport. With all the snow we got everyone was just laying around after being up from plowing, shovelling, etc the night before. Around 10 inches in all!
Does anyone have any new information about this program now that it should be up and running? Also Paul are you still going through the Pro Pilot Program? If so are you pleased with your training thus far? Any information anyone has about this would be greatly appreciated. I tried calling there and left a couple of messages, so far no one has returned my calls. Hopefully I will get some info somehow. Thanks
vsnick, I haven't seen paul post here in a while. I was at the wings Quakertown location a couple of weeks back when I was on break from ATP in JAX. I asked about the program there and paul. Paul is not going through the program.

They are just getting it going now. They have 3-4 students starting with getting there private liscence first. As of when I was there, they did not have a multi engine aircraft yet. They plan on getting one by the time the students they have now progress past their private. So the program is in its infancy right now. I would try calling blue bell and quakertown. Since your post was back in june, you actually may be one of those in the program. For what it's worth. . .
thanks for the post rob, I actually never really received any more info about this program and kind of lost interest. It seems that ATP is a better bet. I hope your training is still going good. Take care.