Will UND float? aka rehashing 1997


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I looked really really hard at UND, but decided since I had a degree, there were faster ways to get to an airline.

My wife sees the latest flood information, and thanks me for making that decision.

She saw the 1997 flood pics, and how the entire CBD was inundated.

This year doesnt look much better... The Red is a nasty 'lil river!

Good luck Fighting Sioux, and stay dry!

Hey. My english teacher went to UND and she was in ND when the flood in 97 happened. I asked her the same question. Right now Grand Forks is flooding from what I understand. Anyways, my english teacher said that UND is far enough west of the river that it didn't get hit too bad. So, from what i collected from her, no, UND and the grand forks airport prolly wont flood over. Go Sioux! Panzer shoulda won Hobey!