Will The New Air & Space Museum Have Its Own Ramp?


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If I fly over to Dulles for the new museum will I have to park at Peidmont? What would they charge for a 172? Are there any other FBO's on the field?

Piedmont doesn't charge much I think it is 20-30$ Signature on the otherhand. Youch!

It would be nice if the NASM has a parking ramp, But I am not holding my breath.
Agreed ... go to Piedmont Hawthorne; fees will be pretty reasonable. I have been there many times in everything from a Cherokee to a King Air and have been treated well. Their van will drive you to/from the NASM annex as well I'm sure. Request 1L/19R if you can as it will save you a ton of taxi time versus the other runways. Potomac is pretty good about asking inbound GAs their parking location and giving them the proper runway if traffic permits.

Enjoy the museum!

No ramp at nasm....but yeah, it shouldnt be a problem getting into dulles. The museum is well worth the 20 or 30 bucks for parking.