Wild Landings: A Great Airplane Adventuring Video Series for Those With Too Much Time on Their Hands Instead of Arguing Trump / Covid / RBG / Etc.


Low-Level Individual
If you're tired of arguing on JC, and think that the plethora of STOL VLOGs, sponsored by squarespace and audible, are getting kinda silly;
here to the rescue is the Sling Guys. It's basically Ewin Mcgregor's Long Way Round meets airplanes.

Wild Landings – Namibia

South African adventurer James Pitman and aviation pioneer Mike Blyth and have flown around the world in self designed aircraft, several harrowing times. Through these successful designs, they have become Africa’s only truly home grown aircraft manufacturer.

Pressured by work, James persuades Mike to fly through the landscapes of Namibia, one of the best places on the planet to ‘pull’ a wild landing. Besides landing in remote parts of Namibia, taking local inhabitants for a spin in the air, the duo uncover a dark and little-known historic event of global relevance, meet aviators, gain insight into the country’s revolutionary approach to conservation and meet a man who walked to freedom from Namibia to Tanzania. James hears of a ghost town on an island off the Skeleton Coast. Unable to resist, he has to find a way to land and explore this spooky place, though he knows he could not get permission. Will they succeed?

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