Wife's new Biz


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Wife\'s new Biz

My wife just opened up a new Coffee House/Cafe'/Art House in Wenden, Arizona. Where the
is that you ask? About 40 miles southwest of Wickenberg on Route 60. For those of you old enough to remember, it was the old way to go to L.A. before Interstate 10 was put through to Phoenix. The major thing that Wenden is known for is the turn-off for Alamo Lake in La Paz county (for you fisherpersons out there).

Route 60 once held the same nostalgia that Route 66 had and due to my wife's new shop "Ingredients" the resurgance has begun.

My wife's building was built in 1921 and they have spent the last 10 months rebuilding. I am very proud of her. Especially since all extra time and money has gone into my flying.

Free coffee to anyone mentioning they are with jetcareers. And Doug, a free meal is waiting for you and yours when ever you make it out that way. It is the least we can do for all of the help and advice that I have got from this web site.......
I think that everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

I know that this is a shameless use of our site, but one thing that I know most pilots love is good food and great coffee.
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WOW! that might be a good reason to drive up to vegas again.. coffee stop on the way!! I've often thought about doing the same thing (uhhh.. not driving to vegas... but opening a coffee shop).. tell your wife Congrats for us, and we'll be up that way sometime in the future - I wanna go antiquing again up there.
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That's awesome!

I've always thought it would be fun to own a little place like that!
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I will pass on the congrats to her. The theme is very modern and jazz for the coffee side and the products side is more of a country feel to it, with an artistic flare
. See everyone out there.
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BEST of (not JUST luck) FORTUNE to her and her new company!!

I've always wanted to open a small "General Store" type place in the Appalachians, that caters to hikers in the Spring through Fall and Skiers (downhill and backcountry) in the winter.... as well as carrying various sundries that the locals need/want.

Maybe one day. First step would be living near mountains, huh?

ANYWAY...... only the best to her!!

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Thank you, I will pass that on. It has been a breath of fresh air for the both of us. It can be a little hectic at times, but alot of fun.
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And yes, I know where Wenden is! I used to get bored some weekends up in PRC during college and I'd just hit the road and drive to small towns just to check them out.

Had lunch in Bagdad one day, imagine that!
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Speaking of Bagdad - did you know that we're working on the airport there? They're going to be putting up some new security fencing and so forth....It'll probably become one of my projects...
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Nice...If I am ever headed that way I will be sure to stop (though it may be a little while). Good luck with the business though!