Why train when you can fake it!?


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Man, I feel stupid putting all this effort into training...I coulda just forged my certificates!


FORT LAUDERDALE --Just One Station -- A South Florida airport falling prey to one man's dangerous deception.

A former employee at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, allegedly posing as a pilot, flying private planes and jets without a license.

Police arresting Marvin Jacobs-- charging him with operating a commercial aircraft without a valid license.

Jacobs told police he bought a fake license for one thousand dollars.

No word on how many people flew with this unlicensed pilot.

Hey paid a few grand for a fake pilots license? Shoot, I could replicate mine for way cheaper than that!

Are they still the 'cut outs' from the FAA?
A $1,000 for every license. Hmmmm....that guys is making some dough. I can buy two Seminole flights for that price. Just doesn't seem right.
$200 per hour plus $55 per hour for the instructor. You cannot take them solo so the flights are always $255/hour.
After your step five crosscountry usually 5.5 to 6 hrs. You realize that you could of just flown first-class to the Caymans. Amazing. When you take out of your account it doesn't seem that bad, but imagine you just plopped down a credit card for that amount!

BTW Anyone doing the CFI Nov 25?
I am planning on the Nov. 25 CFI class. Are you sure it is going to fly? Several admin peeps have no idea about it even thought they have posted it on the TV monitors. Do you know if it is being shortened to three weeks?
I will be coming down for the Nov 25th class. I was told that it would be from Nov25 to Dec 20. Plus Thanksgiving and the next day off, they are going to lenghten two of the days to fix that.
Scary stuff having an untrained license at the controls!! You could imagine the media circus if he had crashed and then they would have tied terrorist activity into it, and it would have got ugly!!