Why FSI?

Seriously, take a tour other schools and that will answer your question.

I toured (9) flight programs when I was in florida, and hand's down FSI is the Best. Here's my reason why I will start my professional pilot career there:

1) Honest from the start, No lie's, sales pitches or marketing gimmicks.
2) Facilities are clean and well maintained, professional corporate appearance.
3) Well maintained and spotless aircraft.
4) Outstanding Industry Reputation.
5) Every student/intructor and faculty member that I spoke with, where honest, professional and all had a positive attitude. But the must important impression I got was, every single student I spoke with, was very happy with thier decision to attend FSI.

Hope this helps, starting my career September 30, 2002.

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Actually, that does help. See, I'm in Tucson and with my job and money situation right now, it would be kinda hard to go tour FSI. I know that's the ideal thing to do, however...

I wanna get all the feedback I can from students first, then think about visiting the different schools. That way I don't get the maketing barrage first...
A marketing barrage is one thing I would not expect on a tour of FSI. You discuss costs with a marketing rep after the tour, and they present you with a customized price quote (if you have experience). You can also visit financial aid as well. There's no "sign up now" or other pressure, and I was impressed at how forthcoming they were with information.

I'll contrast that with other flight schools I visited nearby, one to the north and one northwest. Meeting with the marketing rep afterwards, I felt a bit of deja vu....to the time when I was car shopping last year, and all the slick salesmen with their "buy now" attitude.

Every post before this is correct and then some. I left the Phoenix area for FSI and I'm extremely happy with my choice. AZ may have many flight schools, but not one impressed me as much as FSI. I originally toured FSI on a fluke, our tranny broke just outside of town. The impression this school made on me brought me back after alot of time had passed. I thought that a FBO could do the same job, I was wrong (in my case anyway). Gather all the information you can on this school, read every message board (flightinfo.com is a good one), and draw your own conclusion. The 2 biggest compliants I hear from fellow students: the town of Vero Beach and the cost. You don't hear compliants about the quality of instruction or maintenance. The town is very slow and boring, less distractions in my opinion. And as far as the cost goes, quality is never cheap. I suggest you think about what it will take to get you where you want to go. This enviroment has served me well and I have no regrets.

Vne-soon to be a CFI!
"I hope that's TUS and not Davis Montham" I mumbled to myself on final! /ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif
..............thankfully it was TUS!
I didn't find Vero Beach that boring. Now zip up to Sebastian, that's boring. There's no nightlife or anything of that nature. But there is a pretty decent size mall with a mega 24 plex movie theater. There is also a decent amount of restaurants and shopping centers.

Granted going shopping isn't fun, but like everyone says are you going to learn to fly or party for 9 months.
LOL, the mall. All you do when you go there is wave to other students /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif , it's like a reunion.

The other thing I'd add is that maintainance is incredible, when you look at other schools and ask to see their maintainance records you'll see what I mean (assuming that they'll show them. Seriously).
That's cool then. Kind of like a secret club. Is there a handshake too?

I found it amusing no matter where you go in town there is always a blue and white FSI plane overhead. One day at the beach it seemed like every 5 minutes I spied a Warrior or Seminole.